Player Contract

Each player agrees to and acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of these policies.

  • I understand and accept the importance of practice and game attendance and will make every reasonable effort to attend all scheduled practices and games and to notify my head coach in advance if I cannot attend a practice or game.
  • I understand and accept that the coach may not give all players an equal amount of playing time and that decisions about playing time are at the sole discretion of the coaching staff.
  • I understand that Sun Valley Lacrosse will be using the TeamSnap app, which allows me to identify if I will or will not be attending practices and games. I will notify coaches by practice on Tuesday (the latest) if I will not be attending the upcoming weekend games.
  • I understand that if I do not show up to practice I should not expect to play in the games.
  • I understand and accept that it is my responsibility: (1) to learn and abide by the rules of lacrosse set out in the NFHS rule book; (2) to ask questions of my coach or other league officials for clarification when necessary; and (3) to use all mandatory equipment in the proper manner and to notify my coach if my equipment becomes illegal to use during the course of a game.

I understand and accept that Sun Valley Lacrosse requires that an atmosphere of good sportsmanship be maintained at all of its athletic competitions and that unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated, and the NFHS Rule 5, Section 9 will be enforced:

No player, substitute, non-playing member of a squad, coach or anyone officially connected with a competing team shall:

1. Enter into an argument with an official as to any decision that has been made or in any way attempt to influence the decision of an official.

2. Use threatening, profane or obscene language or gestures any time during the game.

3. Bait, taunt, call undue attention to oneself, or any other act considered unsportsmanlike by the officials.

I understand and accept that fighting will not be tolerated and that NFHS Rule 5, Section 11 will be enforced:

“A player, substitute, coach, non-playing member of a team or anyone officially connected with the team shall be disqualifies for deliberately striking or attempting to strike anyone or leaving the bench.”

An individual participating in a fight or any other action deemed flagrant misconduct shall be charged a three minutes non-releasable penalty, ejected from the game and suspended from the team’s next game. A second violation may result in suspension from any Sun Valley Lacrosse activity for twelve (12) months.

I understand that Sun Valley Lacrosse prohibits the use of illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco by players participating in any league or Idaho Lacrosse Association event, INCLUDING TRAVEL TO AND FROM THE EVENT. Any violation of this rule may also result in immediate suspension from any ILA activity up to twelve (12) months. A player in the company of another player who is openly violating this rule also will be considered in violation of this rule and subject to expulsion from the league.

I have read and agree to comply with the terms of this Player Contract. I agree that if I am removed from my team’s roster for disciplinary reasons, I will not be entitled to any refund of fees paid to the ULA or my team.