The Board of Directors is comprised of members of our community whose insights, experiences and passions align with the mission of the organization. Board members serve two-year terms and meet throughout the year, both as a whole and in smaller committees. The Board focuses on the organization’s strategy and goals and is responsible for organization oversight.

Sun Valley Lacrosse, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization with a 501-C(3) designation which is governed by approved by-laws. The by-laws guide the Board of Directors, as well as the Advisory Board, the Executive Board, and the financial controls of the organization.

Andrew Jones

Mike Kennedy

Conor Quinn

Nick Ossello

Lauren Schmidt

Toni Marcroft

Ethan Beck


The Advisory Board provides guidance and insight on all aspects of the program including facilities, scheduling, staffing, community relationships, fundraising, and more. The backgrounds of Advisory Board members come from all aspects of the community including athletics, business, nonprofit, recreation and education. Advisory Board members provide valuable insight on how to best achieve the mission of the organization.

Brady Miller

Connor McCollough

Richard Whitelaw

Evan Wyman