Lacrosse 101

Lacrosse 101:

Whether you are new to lacrosse or have been around the sport for years, here are a few important things to note:

      - Mouthguards are required

      - Parents are to remain off the field during practice and games

      - During games, the spectators are to be on the sideline across from the bench (Not on the sideline with the bench)

      - Please do not coach the kids or shout at the referees during games. Let the coaches handle the coaching.

      - Game uniforms: Sweatpants and/or hoodies are not to be worn during games (Goalies excepted). In the event of cold weather, the kids are welcome to wear leggings, long underwear, etc...

Practice reminders:

      - Kids should be at practice at 5:15pm (which gives them 15 minutes to get dressed).   

      - The BCSD has asked us to keep off the fields until 5:30pm to allow other sports to finish practices / leave the fields.

      - No drop-off or parking on the basketball courts.