Sun Valley Lacrosse Weekend

As a member of the Mountain West Youth Lacrosse Association, Sun Valley Lacrosse will host a weekend of lacrosse here in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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Sun Valley Lacrosse Clinics

Sun Valley Lacrosse will host lacrosse clinics throughout the year, focusing on skills & training techniques.

CLNC Sports Lacrosse Skills Clinic


Sun Valley Showdown

Sun Valley Lacrosse and Cal Coast Sports Ventures (founders of the Santa Barbara Showdown) have teamed up to create the Sun Valley Showdown, a boys and girls youth lacrosse tournament held in the summer in Sun Valley.

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Off-Season Travel Tournaments

Sun Valley Lacrosse will send teams to compete in tournaments throughout the country during the off-season, including the Santa Barbara Showdown. This years Santa Barbara Showdown will be held in October 2021.

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